Wardrobe staples every girl needs.

So for something different I thought I’d talk about wardrobe staples… because, well, we all need them!

So here’s my list:

1. Comfy, excellent fitting jeans

Why? Because they’re awesome. You can wear them with anything on top, dress them up, dress them down, roll up the hem… anything. If you choose the right colour, they can be your best friend year round.

Tip: Try Just Jeans. They carry Levis, Mavi Jeans & Lee Riders. And have something for everyone. They also do their own branded jeans at the moment; 2 for $100! Bargain!

Pictured: Levi’s Demi High Extreme Skinny Black Jean - JUST JEANS ($119.95) view here

2. Plain singlets & tees

These are your best friend. They can be worn in every season, can be worn under anything, and give you a blank canvas to accessorise!

Tip: White, black & grey never go out of fashion.

Pictured: Swing Tank - SPORTSGIRL ($24.95) view here

3. Leggings

They are super comfy & keep your legs warm in the cold. They can be worn fashionably under long singlets or dresses, and look awesome with basically any pair of shoes. :)

Pictured: Full Length Legging - COUNTRY ROAD ($39.95) view here

4. Jacket

This could be a trench, an anorak, or a leather. I personally LOVE leather jackets; mine has lasted me 2 years now and I wear it all the time.

Pictured: The Ultimate Leather Biker Jacket - JUST JEANS ($199.95 reduced to $129) view here

5. Watch

Definition: 1) to keep time, 2) an awesome accessory. Choose either gold or silver to start; whatever is your style. At the moment, I’m rocking an oversized rose gold Michael Kors. But before that, I owned a white ceramic Fossil watch, and a gold Marc Jacobs watch.

Pictured: Michael Kors Rose Gold Plated Chronograph Watch - ASOS AU ($338.40) view here

6. Little Black Dress

When selected carefully, it can be appropriate for dinners, drinks, clubbing, dating, functions, and so on. They don’t go out of style, either! Just jazz it up with some neat accessories.

Pictured: Grecian Wrap Dress - BARDOT ($79.95) view here

7. Handbag

I personally prefer leather bags. They last longer and look much nicer, in my opinion. But I’m the kind of girl who buys one bag, and sticks to it for every outfit. I just can’t be bothered to remove the contents all the time. Brown/tan bags are great because you can wear them all year round. 

Pictured: Metal Button Zip Top - MIMCO ($450.00) view here

8. Chic accessories

Whether scarves are your thing, bangle/bracelet stacks, or statement necklaces… invest in some good quality pieces that will always be chic!

Tip: Spend less on pieces that’ll be passing trends, and splurge on the ones that will last! (I say this as I watch an expensive neon yellow necklace on ebay.. breaking my own rules already!)

Pictured: Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Charm - TIFFANY & CO ($135AUD) view here

9. Blazer

Choose something tailored, that brings you in in the waist and fits your shoulders and arms well. Go for a fun colour if you want something a bit different!

Pictured: Pop Colour Blazer - PORTMANS ($99.95) view here

Well there you have it. My wardrobe essentials.

Hope you loved.

F.A.N.D. x